Home first aid kit equipment


or what to have at home, when we have a dog

Almost every one has a box at home to keep the thermometer, plasters, aspirin and other unexpired drugs in. A similar box you should be established for your dog. What should it include?

Eye drops

It is suitable to use Ophtalmoseptonex®,which has antiseptic properties. It is available in pharmacies.

Drops for ears cleaning

You should acquire drops that not only clean the ear, but can also calm it in early stages of ear irritation. It is available in dog salons, pharmacies or veterinary offices.


The most suitable one is Betadine®, ask your veterinarian, to give you a small portion of the concentrated solution, which you will dilute at home. It is a good thing to have a few cotton buds at hand for the application of solution to the wound. It is advisable to avoid disinfectant sprays, their sound might be frightening for the animals.

Elizabethan collar (E-collar)

Timely attachment of E-collar in case of biting or licking the skin can prevent greater damage. There is a wide range of sizes, you just have to know neck circumference. It is available in every veterinary office.

Disinfectant shampoo

You will need it for basic treatment of the first symptoms of skin diseases. It cleans and disinfects the skin and coat. You can obtain it in dog salons or veterinary offices.

Antiparasitic shampoo

It is the first aid if you suspect a presence of parasites on the coat of your dog. Again, it is available in dog salons, pet stores and veterinary offices.

Ichthammol ointment

You will find it useful when treating a mauled or otherwise wounded area, especially when potential presence of infection is suspected. It is also suitable in cases of incipient skin and subcutaneous inflammation, including anal glands swelling. There are no side effects. Available in a pharmacies or veterinary offices.

Activated charcoal and hydrogen peroxide

This is the first aid in case of poisoning. Available in a pharmacies. Note. Hydrogen peroxide can also help in case of white dogs being stained with blood – it removes the stains and the coat is white again.

Chamomile or agrimony

Decoctions from these herbs are great for wound healing. Available in pharmacies.

Suitable scissors or little shaver

Hair removal is necessary in case of all skin diseases or injuries. You can obtain it in dog salons or in a household goods store.

Gauze or ironed linen, bandage, plaster tape

You will need it in case of injury or bleeding. Available in every pharmacy.


The most suitable one is digital thermometer for children with a rubber end. Available in pharmacies.

Hypodermic syringe in more sizes (no needles!!)

You will appreciate it, in need of artificial feeding or giving medication into the mouth. You can obtain it in a veterinary office or in pharmacies.

Contact to 2-3 veterinarians within driving distance of 10-15 minutes and to the nearest non-stop emergency

Imagine there is a sudden incident and as Murphy's Law has it your veterinarian is gone and the Internet is inaccessible. In such a case, it is a good thing to have more options in reserve in order to avoid pointless wasting of time. I recommend to have a contact to a veterinary office in the place of your vacation. You can easily look it up in the phone book or on the Internet.


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