When and why to deworm

Parasites always weaken the animal. Their presence may, in certain circumstances, be the last drop that turns the battle with a disease into failure. Many of them are even dangerous for men. It is therefore surprising that according to surveys, fewer than a third of dog owners regularly deworm their dogs.

It is necessary to deworm the puppy within the first year of its life every two weeks until 3 months old, every month until six months of age (2. 4. 6. 8. 12. - 16. 20. 24. week). Deworming neglect can lead to intestinal blockage and consequent death. With at least 8 weeks old puppies you can apply for a combined spot-on, which eliminates fleas and roundworms.

All puppies are born infected with roundworms and they excrete their eggs in droppings until they are six months old. Therefore it is essential to deworm puppies regularly during this period as well as clean after them to prevent soil contamination. Eggs of roundworms are extremely resistant and can survive in extreme conditions even for several weeks. They can infect not only dogs, but also children, who do not wash their hands before eating. Larvae of canine roundworms can cause serious health problems with children, since they tend to migrate into eyes.

You should deworm an adult dog at least 2x a year. You can skip deworming only in case of a negative result from stool examination focused on parasites. By constant struggle against internal parasites you contribute to an overall environment recovery in your city.

Roundworms do not occur with adult dogs, there is much more frequent occurrence of tapeworms and whipworms. Whipworms in particular are transmissible to humans. They drill themselves into the large intestine or/and caecum, causing inflammation there.

Deworming removes parasites from the animal just on a one time basis and does not protect against re-infection, which can happen even the following day. Therefore, it is essential to deworm animals regularly throughout their lives.

If you do not want to deworm your dogs at random, you can have the stool of your dog examined in a veterinary office in even intervals. How to take samples correctly? You need to take stool samples for three days in a row (just the size of a hazelnut). You need to keep them in sealable container, which has to be stored at low temperature, preferably in a fridge, till the submission in a veterinary office. (We will be pleased to provide you with a sealable container as well as with a spatula for sampling in the veterinary office).

Do not feed the dogs with raw meat or insides from animals fed with fresh grass or hay (rabbits, sheep). There can be eggs of parasites on grass or hay and herbivores then serve as hosts.

Observe hand hygiene, especially with small children. Do not let them play on uncovered sandboxes, because they are most certainly the places where vagrant cats go to foul. 

Parasite eggs need to “ripe” for certain period of time in the external environment. So you do not need to worry that your child will get infected while playing with a dog.

Dog deworming approximately about one week before annual vaccination increases achieved level of antibodies, making your animal is more protected.

It is necessary to keep changing deworming means, since parasite may adapt to them. You should consult the most suitable deworming drug with your veterinarian.


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