When and what to vaccinate against

Without proper vaccination, it may happen that the puppy will not live long enough to celebrate its very first birthday. Fortunately, this fact is already well known among breeders and the number of vaccinated dogs within the frame of dog population is increasing every year. When and against what is it necessary to vaccinate?

Dogs are mostly jeopardized by parvovirus, canine distemper, infectious hepatitis and leptospirosis. These diseases are highly contagious and often end with death of the patient. Those who survive usually have lifelong after effects. Treatment of sick dogs is extremely difficult and costly. Vaccination costs are negligible in comparison with it.

Basic vaccination against above mentioned diseases is currently performed mostly at the age of 8 to 9 weeks with re-vaccination after 4 weeks. Some breeders have their puppies vaccinated already at the age of 4-6 weeks against canine distemper and parvovirus. However, it has no effect on basic vaccination (this puppy is therefore vaccinated three times).

Full protection of the puppy arrives approximately about a week after the second dose of basic vaccination. Until then it is better not to go with it to places where it might meet with non-vaccinated dogs.

By law, every dog has to be vaccinated against rabies within 6 months of age!

In our office we use vaccines Nobivac and Vanguard. These vaccines are very well tolerated even by sensitive dogs and provide strong and long-lasting immunity. Re-vaccination against rabies is therefore necessary only 1x in three years.

Besides basic vaccination you can also ask for a vaccination against other infectious diseases such as Lyme disease, tetanus, fungal skin inflammation etc. However, such vaccination should always follow from current epidemic situation, therefore it is advisable to consult potential suitability of vaccination with your veterinarian.

Regular vaccination protects not only your dog, but also dogs of your neighbors. Keep this in mind especially when you live in a tenement and you go for walks with your dog around the neighborhood.

In case of protection against infectious diseases, the situation seems somewhat facilitated, since all the visible job is done by your veterinarian. Nevertheless, you can significantly increase the effect of vaccination.

Deworm your dog before the vaccination, healthy animal will be able to produce higher level of antibodies.

Observe the vaccination dates. Antibodies gradually diminish, if you come a few weeks later than you should have, the new level will “start” at the lowest base and it will not be as high as it could have and possibly should have been in order to really protect. So, it will be necessary to revaccinate the dog again in a month.

When being vaccinated, the dog has to be perfectly healthy. You should report everything that you perceive as abnormal about your dog in the veterinary office.

After the vaccination, the dog should have at least ten days of milder activity, its body has to deal with a weakened vaccine bacillus. If you administer vitamins and salmon oil during this period, the level of antibodies will be higher. You should not be traveling with your dog during this period, unless you really have to.

If you are planning puppies, consult with your veterinarian when the most suitable date to vaccinate your bitch would be, so that the level of antibodies in breast milk is the highest. Vaccination of gravid bitches in the case of live vaccines (that is the majority of them) is not possible.

The puppy is not fully protected, until it completes the vaccination programme i.e. within 3 months of age. Therefore, avoid places where non-vaccinated dogs might appear. This applies also to places for a walk.


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