How to take care of ears

With dogs having overhanging earlobes it is advisable to start regular ear hygiene from their third month of age. It is necessary to accustom the dog to the fact that from time to time you will drip something into its ears, otherwise you will be in an extremely difficult position in case of an ear inflammation. For the ear cleaning, you should use special ear preparations that can dissolve earwax.

How to clean ears correctly?

Insert the extension of ear drops into the ear canal slot and squeeze the bottle several times, so that the ear canal fills up with the liquid. Do not worry about harming the eardrum, dogs have the ear canal bent, so it is virtually impossible to get that deep while cleaning the ear.

  • If the bottle does not have extension, stretch the external ear so that upward so that the ear canal is straightened, put the bottle to the ear and squeeze it several times. Move a little ear from side to side to allow the fluid to flow through. Repeat until the ear canal filled.
  • After filling the ear canal, rub the ear between your fingers at the point where it is linked to the head. The ear canal walls have to rub against each other. Proper massage can be easily recognized by accompanying squelching sound. If the ear does not make a squelching sound, you either need to fill it more, or you need to rub it harder.
  • Do not put any swabs into the ear. Once the animal is released, it will shake out the drops and melted dirt with zest. (Therefore, you should drip its ears outdoors or in a bathroom).
  • Hardly any dog actually likes ear cleaning, so in most cases you need a helper that will hold the animal still.
  • Work as quickly as possible – stretch the ear, insert the bottle extension, squeeze it several times, put the bottle aside and do the massage. Then give it a treat and praise it a lot.


Drip the ears to your dog after every bathing, whether in the bathtub or in the summer in the creek.

If the eras start to itch (the dog shakes its head or scratches its ear whining), always go to a veterinary office for examination. It can be ear scabies or allergy.
Do not postpone the visit if you see anything flow from the ear.


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