How to take care of coat

It is necessary to regularly comb every dog with hair longer than two centimeters. During brushing you can notice all potential skin diseases and parasite attacks from their onset. Subsequent treatment will be much easier and shorter.

Every dog should also be bathed from time to time. When should you start with doing so? There is a widespread opinion that little puppies must not be bathed until it is at least half a year old. Nobody actually knows why, but almost everybody respects this rule – even at the cost of living with a very smelly creature. Puppy can be bathed in any age, you only need to be cautious about potential subsequent cold catching or preventing the water from getting into its eyes or ears.

You can bathe adult dog whenever it is needed. Older dogs require bath more often, since their hair is more often greasy. It is sufficient to bathe indoor dogs 4-6 times a year, outdoor dogs 1-2 a year.


You should use only dog shampoos for bathing. This way you will avoid potential skin reaction. Soak the coat thoroughly, apply a pre-diluted shampoo and foam it. Leave the head as the last and do not apply shampoo around eyes and mouth. When rinsing the shampoo, you should tilt its head backwards to prevent the foam from getting into the eyes. You can protect the dog's ears with cotton swabs.

The very first bathing has to be gentle and preferably pleasant. Instead of showering you should pour water on the puppy. Instead of using a dryer, wipe the hair and let it dry. With fearful puppies you should leave the head be for the first time.

After the bath rub the dog's eyes with Opthal. It is advisable to drip the ears with cleaning drops and rub them gently. Do not use cotton swabs, redundant drops along with dirt and water from the bath will be shaken out by the dog without any problems.

Bathe the dog after thorough walk, preferably in the evening. Most dogs will get dry overnight. Even with blow-dry the moisture sticks with the coat for several hours. A dog that is not completely dry should be just swiftly taken for a walk and you then you should hurry back home.


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