How and what to feed with

When feeding your dog, you have two options: either to cook at home or to buy dog granules. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.


Homemade food

You know exactly what your dog has in its bowl and you know the quality. Food is fresh and contains no artificial ingredients. It is, however, laborious and time consuming.


Granules / Pouches

It is easy and fast. However, it is not easy to distinguish good feed from the one that only has a nice package, especially not in the age of massive advertisement and lack of good manners. Low-quality food may cause serious health problems.

Consider your options and decide which method you will select. Combination of both homemade food and granules is absolutely unsuitable! The dog lacks vitamins and minerals and it is uselessly overfed with energy.

With homemade diet you also need vitamin and mineral supplements compiled right for this particular purpose. You must also pay attention to the condition of teeth, the tendency of tartar occurrence is much higher.

When using granules resist the persuasion that cheap feed is as good as the expensive one. If it was so, the manufacturer would sell it for much higher price. It is not cheap to make you happy, but because he knows well that he would not get through with a higher price. The quality of granules is directly proportional to the quality of raw materials, the quality of used technology and the scale of input and output checks, which increases the costs of the manufacturer. The amount that you save on feed, you will later on put into increased veterinary care and expensive diets for sick livers, heart or kidneys. (And believe it or not, the veterinarians are not pleased either. There are earnings that we gladly deny to ourselves).


A few tips when feeding with homemade food...

If you feed your dog with fresh meat suitable for human nutrition, you can use it also raw (with the exception of fish meat). Use fish guts only as a supplement. Always cook the fish.

Use one or two types of meat. In case of food allergy occurrence, you can perform substitution easily.

Food supplement has to contain calcium and magnesium to balance the phosphorus contained in the meat, and all vitamins and trace elements. Add salmon oil.

Do not use dairy products,except for puppies the dogs digest them badly or not at all.

What the dog does not eat in half an hour, you have to throw away. There is a threat of bacteria multiplication and resulting diarrhea.

... and when feeding with granules

Good granules have higher price, cheap granules are of poorer quality. Resist buying treats, toys, beds and clothes and use the saved money for feed. Especially with small dogs there is no space for compromise, when digestive problems occur, they rapidly lose strength as well as the will to live.

Purchase only original packaging. This way you will reduce the risk of accidental or deliberate substitution and quality deterioration during storage. You will also avoid buying an already expired food.

Take interest in storage. Feed from the store, where the temperature does not fluctuate, retains much longer guaranteed quality.

Feed digestibility is not expressed as a number on the package, but in the appearance of your dog's droppings. It is not true that the more the better.

Not all digestive problems are related to feeding. However, when they occur right after an opening of a new package or purchase of a new brand, suspicion is adequate.

Store the bag with feed on a cold and primarily dry place at home and always close it.

The fact that feed tastes good, is not necessarily a sign of quality. All manufacturers use flavorings – including cheap feeds of low quality.



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