The life of our pack in a block of flats

It is June 30, 2011 - a lady with a young gentleman came to Vidnava to see us. They stayed for a long time and were cuddling and playing with all of us … actually, they were selecting one of us that would leave with them to their home, away from mom, dad and siblings. Eventually, they chose me, a pink girl, which they started to call Jennifer. They took me to their home and I soon found out that my new mistress' name is Michalka and the young gentleman is Tom.
I live with Michalka's mom in a block of flats, in a three-room apartment. When they brought me to my new home, all of them were cuddling with me, playing with me, admiring me... wow, it was great! Mostly, they were doing it to distract me from being sad and missing my mom, dad and my brothers and sisters. We were going out quite often, simply to stop me from peeing on the carpets we had throughout the whole apartment. I managed to do it a few times and Michalka or her mom had to clean it. However, they were ready for it, they knew it might come and had bought a lot of various sprays and some gucks, which they splashed on the carpets to make the stains disappear and to prevent our home from being stinky. Then Tomášek went back home to Bystřice and I stayed only with Miška and her mom – well, and then I was suddenly alone at home!!

The block of flats was full of people and I was alone. I didn't like it at all!, I made that clear. Once Michalka left the flat around 7:30 I started barking at the door and kept on doing so until Michalka' s mom came to take me for a walk. When we returned, she left me alone at home again and I started to bark anew. I had quite the stamina thanks to which my lungs strengthened significantly. I was heard throughout the whole block of flats up to the second floor, where Michalka's mommy works, but it made me no good. She came back home no sooner than her working hours ended. Shortly afterwards even my Michalka came home and they stayed with me till the evening. We went for a walk and played together. Nevertheless, the next day it all started all over again. They both disappeared in the morning. They kept on explaining to me that I must be nice and quiet that they need to go to work so that they can buy me food, treats and toys …. It is true that every time they appeared in the doorway they had their pockets full of treats, but what of it, when I was completely alone in here. Well, after a week, when they both were almost desperate from apologizing to all of our neighbours whenever they met them, I got tired of it. Anyway, why should I stand behind a door and bark when it is no use to me at all? I had half of the flat just for myself and could do whatever I wanted to. It was such greeting when they returned home from work and it was quiet inside. Suddenly I was their sunshine and honey and many other nice things, well at least till the moment they figured out that every time they leave for work I go to Michalka's bed to pee on her duvets as a sort of punishment for being left alone.

Suddenly, I was a „little beast“. Fortunately, they took it rather in a sport-like manner, they washed what they could and sprayed the bed cover with a some kind of stink, which I did not feel like peeing on at all. So, I came up with another entertainment. I didn't like the carpet in our hallway being so close to the door, so I decided to get rid of it. The carpet got shortened and shortened, because nobody liked the wholes and frills on the edges that I did when I was alone at home. Now, I have a cold linoleum at the door and the carpet is only in the middle of the hallway. That suits me just fine. But what now? I need to kill the time I spend alone at home somehow. Soo, I found out that when I keep on licking our wallpapers, they can be eaaasily torn down from the wall. Then there are numerous small pieces of papers in my whole „pen“. When it was all torn down, all the way round, Michalka's mommy sealed all of the walls with a new wallpaper to make it beautiful once again (or did she do it for me so that I have something to tear?). I left it be for two or three days – simply to make them happy. Well, and then I started playing on a “painter”, who tears down the wallpapers and it was MY turn to be happy! However, they spoiled my joy and sealed the wallpapers anew. I was not discouraged by it and kept on improving our residential environment. The one that got tired of it was Michalka's mommy. One day, when Tomášek arrived to see my Michalka, they all left for a while and returned with a strange tube. Then they cut it into pieces and sealed all the walls in the hallway with a quite nice linoleum. Although I can lick it, I can no longer tear it down.

However, I am a very resourceful girl and keep on coming up with new mischiefs on and on. Once, I also decided to test whether it is possible to eat or at least partially gnaw our laundry basket that we have in the hallway. Well, I managed to eat a few splinters, but when it was supposed to go out through my botty, it hurt. I was shaking – but eventually I managed to do it. Next time I should think more about what I am about to eat. Nevertheless, I am a good girl too. There are days when I do absolutely nothing bad when being alone at home. When everyone comes back from work, we greet each other nicely and then we go for a long walk. There is a lot of mice outside nowadays and I managed to catch 4 of them. The best part of the catching is when my Miška is pulling the caught little mouse out of my mouth. She never lets me eat it. But I can find even better things on the ground that mice, such as for instance pieces of dung, dry grass, sometimes I even find a poo from other dogs, whose masters do not clean their droppings. Why should they anyway? We live in a village and the field paths are not their own after all. Now in the fall, it is dark soon and when we go out for a walk they are having a hard time to keep an eye on me and what I can sniff out.

Last week was cool. Michalka's mommy bought a beautiful Christmas wrapping paper and Michalka was supposed to hide it. She put it into a box under her bed. And when there was nobody at home …. I tasted all of them to find out whether they were as good as they looked. Well, it wasn't bad, and I also found a ball of ribbons – there were meters of it! I liked playing with it, but Michalka's mommy apparently did not share my joy.

By the way, Michalka takes me on certain weekends to Bystřice to see Tomášek. I have two friends there – there are two Husky ladies Mishka and Sweety. We also train there for dog shows and we went to a dog park once ...

I will write about my other mischiefs next time!!! And I am sure there will be plenty of them :-D

Your Jennifer O´Merci Vidnavská záře ( Jenninka alias „little beast“ )

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