Second narration

Hello there, it's me again - Jennifer from Kokor, I'm going to write you what's new in our family.

Finally, we have a carpet and furniture that I have imagined. I no longer gnaw nor taste either of it. Actually, when I think about it I haven't done that much damage : I already liked the third carpet, the drawers can be quite easily opened with those gnawed “knobs”, which are left from the originally wooden holds. Just the gnawed vacuum cleaner tube could no longer be used and so we had to buy a new one. Well, and some trainers, but it was not my fault at all. My mistress shouldn't have left them there when she left for work. Well, I was at home alone and had nothing to do … Now, I don't pay any attention even to the shoes they left there for me – such a good girl am I! I am very handy too – my doctor told me so, because when we go for a walk, almost every time I catch and eat at least one mouse. At first, my mistress and her mommy forbade me to do it, they even tried to take my haul away from me, right from my throat. But, when they found out that mice are not exterminated anywhere around here and so none of them can be poisoned, they even let me catch them and then eat them at rest.

I also have to tell you that we have a new friend Standa, so we all go on trips and walks on scooters or in-line skates. We also go looking for treasure boxes, they call it geocaching. Even I found a treasure on one such a walk! We were walking through a forest and as usually I was sniffing for a potential mouse to flash past, when all of sudden I heard something. And as usually I charged at ”it”. Nobody even noticed that my hunt had failed, not until my nose started growing and my legs started to stagger. That was the moment my mistress and Standa figured out that something had happened and started searching for the nearest office of an animal doctor. Standa took me into his arms and we dashed to the car. It turned out that the nearest doctor was in Bruntal and that he was going to await us in his office in a half of an hour. In the car I was sitting on Michalka's lap and she was keeping an eye on me to prevent me from falling asleep. We drove as Formula 1! When we arrived at the doctor's office, he looked at my nose and found out that instead of a mouse I had tried to catch a VIPER. It didn't like it at all and so it bit me and ran away. When Michalka heard of this, it seemed for a second that my animal doctor would have to treat mainly her instead of me. But it turned out well and they started to attend to me. True to be told, I did not care that much what they were doing with me, but they shaved my leg and gave me a drip. And then I was rescued! The doctor said that such a huge dog as I am should cope with it easily by itself, but Michalka loves me and worries about me, so when she is not sure about something, she always asks the doctor. So we went back home. The next day every-one was looking after me, whether I ate, drank and above all whether I peed and made a poo. Everything seemed OK, so we drove from the visit at Standa's place back to Kokor. However, the swollen nose was still very painful and I was very sad in general, so Michalka and her mommy took me to my animal doctor. He checked that everything was OK, apart from the swollen nose, and gave them some pills for me. When I took them, my nose stopped hurting and I was happy again. I am a mice hunter once again!

I am such a naughty monkey! ...but a cute one. Even though reluctantly, I cause worries of my mistress. Once, I had been sniffing all over our flat, ...and that I actually had done something naughty was revealed purely by coincidence. We all went to Brno for an X-ray of my legs, and there as they had a look at me, they found out that I had eaten a needle. It was just a half of it, but still, it was shining on the X-ray quite nicely. However, my doctor calmed Michalka down that it was already nicely prepared and that I was going to poo it that day. He also said that we, dogs, have our intestines somewhat adapted to the fact the we often eat absolutely everything, even what we are not supposed to eat at all.

Well, and I have one more story for you, third time lucky. We are walking through nature with Michalka and Standa and also with their friend Tomáš, who has Alaskan Malamut – Daren. We are searching for mice and as usually I am successful again! However, now the mouse was “armoured” with thistles and I ended up looking as a one huge thistle too. Well, and since I am still but a small goof, I started to clean myself and take the prickles out. And that was something I shouldn't had done. Those prickles jabbed into my mouth and tongue and I had prickles everywhere! When Michalka found out about this, she took a torch, lighted into my mouth and started pulling all of the prickles out, one after another. I did not like it at all and it didn't go well anyway. So, the next day we, along with Standa, went to see an animal doctor in Šumperk. She inserted a syringe into my butt – I assume as a punishment - and pulled the rest of the prickles out of my mouth and tongue. The only place she could not get properly into was my throat. So, she advised Michalka to buy a specific ointment in a pharmacy, which should ease the pain in my mouth and I received antibiotic for 5 days. My mouth stopped hurting the next day and I was getting the pills in a good hard cheese – I love this one so much”. Only in the throat it took a while longer to heal completely. I swallowed with difficulties, but I didn't stop eating or drinking. Especially, when everyone was so nice to me and kept on giving me various dog treats.

So, this is me. Such a little goofie. But Michalka and her mommy believe that it will not take long and I will eventually come to my senses. So far the common sense only keeps going around, but it will not be long before I catch it. Nevertheless, it is quite clear that everyone loves me and when I do something silly, they worry about me...whether I am OK or if anything hurts me etc. I know it

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