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Cista Jenninka

We are a small kennel, which is actually just beginning with Samoyed breeding. At home, we have a female dog named Jennifer, which we brought from Vidnava. We have grown so fond of the Samoyed breed that we decided to have our female dog Jennifer acknowledged as a brood bitch in September 2012 and we started thinking about puppies.

In 2012, we applied for a breeding station name. It was a choice of several options and we eventually decided for:

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Nevertheless, there were a few unexpected problems, due to which we had to postpone the planned litter quite a lot. Eventually, everything is resolved quite differently. Our long-planned litter “A” from our female dog Jennifer will not happen in our breeding station. Unfortunately, it is so due to certain medical reasons. The more, we will be looking forward to a new family member from a different breeding station so that our Jenny is not alone and has someone to play with.

Spinava Sasenka



And here it is, a dream has come true and we could Nov. 1, 2015 to welcome the new member of our kennel. It is a beautiful Samoyed girl from kennel Mishka na Severe :) named Born To Be Smile "Sunshine," but everyone call her Sasha

Our breeding station is constituted by my friend Bady Grease, who is a great photographer and whom I thank for a lot of beautiful pictures of our princess, further on by my humble self that came up with all of this, my mom, whom I thank for initial support as well as assistance with the care of Jennifer, and last but not least the most important member – our 5-year-old female dog Jennifer and now second female Sašenka :)






Of course, we are members of Samoyed Club in the Czech Republic as well as in the Slovak Republic.


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Breeding in our kennel is governed

FCI international Breeding Strategies

International Breeding Rules of the FCI



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Michaela Dobešová, DiS.
Severovýchod 640/47, 789 01 Zábřeh
Czech republic

phone:     +420 774 640 756
email:      Samoyed@diamondsnow.cz 

web:        www.diamondsnow.cz